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Writing is another great way to reflect and to get clarity on your thoughts. When you put words to (digital ;) paper, you really going to understand your thoughts. You can use the email reminders to get in that writing flow.

Mindwave's writing experience is like having a blog entirely for yourself. An excellent method to write authentic, pure, and raw. No marketing purposes. And there is no one here to judge you.

By default, you write new stories in drafts. All stories here are completely private. You can also create a new journal to document your stories in a specific journal. Example: I'm writing stories in Build a sustainable Mindwave. When you create your own journal, you can choose your sharing options,  so all stories in this journal will be:

  • Private, for your eyes only.
  • Shared, share your journal with specific friends ( accountability partners).
  • Public, everyone can discover, read, and follow your journal.

There is one last journal option I want to point out. Do you want to write and capture your journey together with a partner or co-founder? Invite a writer and start documenting together. You can find this option under the ... in the sidebar.

The writing experience

When you click on 'write a new story' you go into writing mode. No distractions, but full focus on your story.

Just start typing, and you'll notice some options straight away. When you go to an empty line, you will have the opportunity to add an image.

When you select a text, you will get some formatting options, such as an H2, H3, Quote, Bold, Italic, List, or Link.

Don't forget to save your changes. You can always come back and edit the story later. No need to 'publish' your story. It's your personal journal, not a publishing platform.

📄 Docs