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What would you like to ask yourself? 🤔

March 13th 2020

The log starts with a random teasers like "What is on your mind?" or "What are you grateful for?" Now, you can also add your own question/teaser here.

This is how it works.

Note: Team admins can do this for the Team Log as well.

Journaling via Email  📤

March 1th 2020

With our Email Service you can just hit reply to your notifications, or send an email to your unique mindwave email address, and your email will be saved in your Mindwave account.

You can enable the email service in your Account & Settings or find out more here.

Mindwave for Teams 👥

28 Feb '20

Today we launched Mindwave for Teams, a shared journal solution for accountability buddies who learn from the past, be present and improve the future together.

You can try Mindwave for Teams with a free 14-day trial, no credit card needed.

This is how it works (short version below 👇🏻)

Coupon codes 💵

28 Feb '20

We've added coupon codes to the check-out.

Use updates10 to redeem a 10% discount on your first year Personal. That way we know people read this page and the coupon code actually works 😉

Company details 🏢

28 Feb '20

You can add your company details to get invoices addressed to your Company. Invoices are sent by email, monthly or yearly, via Stripe.

Go to your Account & Settings and choose for 'Update billing Info'.

Most significant updates in 2019

Auto-save 💾  

16 Dec '19

Write stories with the comfort of auto-saving.

Search 🧐  

16 Dec '19

You can search your logs and stories.

Desktop app 💻  

1 Nov '19

Use our Chrome Desktop App for writing focus.

Advanced journaling options 📱  

1 Nov '19

Discover the Advanced Journaling Options: Email and SMS.

Telegram Bot and Support Group 🤖  

22 Oct '19

Try the @MindwaveBot for Journaling via Telegram.

Define your North Star 🌟  

17 Oct '19

A monthly reflection method to help you with focus and direction.

Personalize your Mindwave ⚙️  

17 Oct '19

Choose your reflection methods: daily, weekly, and/or monthly.

Follow public journals  📬  

14 Sep '19

Follow public journals via RSS or Email subscription.

Journaling streak 🔥  

18 Sep '19

Streaks are a powerful motivator to keep up your daily journaling.

Official launch 🚀  

16 Jul '19

We launched on ProductHunt.

Track your mood 😩  

5 Jul '19

Log and filter your mood of the day.

Clean writing ✍

5 Jul '19

Focussed and clean writing with our new editor and improved UX.

Public journals 👀  

22 May '19

You can now share your progress in a public journal (example).

Email reminders ⏰  

15 May '19

Daily email reminders will help you adopt journaling as a habit.

16 Apr '19

Implement paid subscriptions with Stripe.

Ready for private beta 🔐

27 Feb '19 is live in private beta!

Mindwave MVP 🧠 🌊  

  • Daily journaling in encrypted logs.
  • Capture stories in a private journal.
  • Share your private journal with close friends.
  • Collaborate in a journal, write and share together.