MVP product hacks

I love to hack products I use. No, not Hackerone stuff. But to think of clever ways to work around the basic functionalities and make them work for me.

So, here are some tips and tricks that might be useful for you too.

Make your own Mindwave app

Did you know you can turn any mobile website into an app? I didn't until a few months ago. here is how you can create a Mindwave app (experience) on your iPhone:

  • Go to Safari, open and Log In.
  • Click on the select option in the bottom bar and choose for the option Add to Home Screen.
  • Click 'add' (or change the name if needed) and you're done.

Mindwave's mobile website will open full screen on your next visit.

Write in draft

I write my stories in de private category 'drafts'. This way I can save the story while writing a couple of times (there is no auto-save, yet). When finished, I just change the journey into the right one. Then the story is stored at the right place, and no one sees the story earlier than I want them to.  

Note: Users that signed up before June 2019 will have a default journey called 'Uncategorized'. They can change its name to 'Drafts' if they like. New users will get the private journey 'drafts' by default.

Copy-paste issues with the editor

Some times the editor doesn't do what you expect it to do. Especially when you copy-paste your text from another website or tool, weird font layouts can occur. This is how I work around it:

  • Open a new tab and paste the copied text in the address bar of the browser;
  • Select that same text again and paste it in a log or story.

The browsers address bar clears all font styles and layouts.

Search your logs

I often use tags to filter and search for logs. But when I look for a specific log, using tags might not be the solution. The browsers search option (Command+F) often helps me to find a log using a specific word.

Implementing a search option is on the idealist, but it doesn't have priority at the moment. So, use 'cmd+f' to search for keywords. You might need to scroll your logs to have as many logs visible (and therefore searchable) as possible.

Save before saving

Mindwave is a web app. Which means saving stories depends on having a (good) internet connection. Especially while traveling this isn't always the case. So I always copy-paste a story before 'saving' it while writing online. Just in case something goes wrong, I can always paste the story to Apple's Notes.

Save before saving, a tiny habit that I can recommend to everyone. I learned it the hard way!

Use phone notifications

In May '19 we launched Email notifications. You can get a notification if you didn't log before a specific time. But only via Email, because Mindwave isn't a mobile app yet. But there is a simple do-it-yourself option for notifications.

When I started journaling again in 2018, I used my iPhones Clock (Alarm) to make journaling a daily habit. I added a new alarm at 17:00 and labeled it "Journal". Simple as that!

Set your alarm for 30-days in a row and you never need a notification again.