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We want to make daily journaling as easy as possible. So we started to connect Mindwave with apps & services people already use on daily basis. The Mindwave Journaling Bot is one of these Advanced Journaling options.

Our bot 🤖 : @MindwaveBot


Are you familiar with Telegram and want to figure it out as you go? Great, here is summary so you know what to do:

  • Go to @MindwaveBot and type /start
  • See all commands with /help
  • Pair your Telegram and Mindwave account with /pair
  • Save your first log via /log "your message here"
  • Your message is synced to your Mindwave account (stored privately and encrypted).

Are you new to Telegram or want more info about the Bot? Continue reading 👇🏻

How does journaling via Telegram work?

The Mindwave Journaling Bot only works for Mindwave users. Sign up if you don't have a Mindwave account. You can start on a free plan, no credit card needed.

Got your account? Great. Go to the bot via this link: @MindwaveBot

MindwaveBot opens in your Telegram (of course you'll need a Telegram account, and be logged in) and you can start communicating with the bot.

1. Type /start to get started

You'll get an automated message from @MindwaveBot.

2. Type /help to see a list of all commands

You'll get an automated message with all commands.

3. You need to pair first by typing /pair

You'll get a link to Mindwave to pair accounts. Please make sure you're logged in before clicking the link.

Mindwave will confirm pairing and you're ready to go.

4. Send your messages via /log <your message here>

You can start your daily journaling routine by sending messages starting with /log followed by your message. An example:

Your message is logged in your Mindwave account. You can find them in your log.

No need to use @MindwaveBot daily

If you prefer daily journaling via the Mindwave (web)app. Great! You can always use @MindwaveBot to quickly capture an idea or thought and edit the message in your Mindwave account later that day.

Join our Mindwave Telegram Group

We also created a Mindwave Telegram Group and you're invited to join us. To prevent SPAM bots to auto-join, I've made the group a private one. Please connect with me on Telegram and I will send you the invite link. You can find me here 👉🏻 t.me/marcelhagedoorn

Got questions, feedback or need help? Drop me a line via a private comment below or ping me on Telegram. I'm happy to help you out!

📄 Docs