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We want to make daily journaling as easy as possible. So we started to connect Mindwave with apps & services people already use on a daily basis. The Mindwave SMS Service is one of our Advanced Journaling options.

You can find all Advanced Journaling options in your Account & Settings.

How to use SMS for your daily journaling

Go to Account & Settings and select the tab 'Log'. The pages starts with your Email Reminder Settings, then all of our Advanced Journaling options.

Click on enable behind the Mindwave SMS Service.

First you'll need to connect your phone to your Mindwave Account. Add your mobile phone number

Enter the confirmation code you just received on your mobile number.

Your mobile number is now connected to your Mindwave account.

You can now send text messages to the Mindwave SMS Service Number. All your messages will be stored in your /log.

The SMS service works great if you quickly want to save an idea, feeling, or thought while not having access to any Internet (wifi/4G). Plus, it's a good alternative to journal if you don't have (or want) the Mindwave App installed on your mobile phone.

Please note! Always check if te service works properly. Unfortunately, we know some providers don't allow to send an SMS to Third Party Services like Twilio (the one we integrated).

Providers that don't support our SMS service:

  • Telfort (NL);
  • Let us know your service provider if our SMS Service doesn't work.

📄 Docs