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We want to make daily journaling as easy as possible. So we started to connect Mindwave with apps & services people already use on a daily basis. The Mindwave Email Service is one of our Advanced Journaling options.

You can find all Advanced Journaling options in your Account & Settings.

How to use Email for your daily journaling

Go to Account & Settings and select the tab 'Log'. The pages starts with your Email Reminder Settings, then all of our Advanced Journaling options.

Click on enable behind the Mindwave Email Service.

To use the Mindwave Email Service you'll need to send emails to your unique Mindwave Email address. Click on 'generate email address' to generate one.

Mindwave will automatically generate an Email Address for you.

Your Email address will look like this temporary one ☝🏻

You can now use this Email address to log your ideas, feelings, and thoughts via e-mail. Simply e-mail a message to your Mindwave Email Address.

It's basically like mailing  'yourself'. Your message will be saved in your /log, privately and encrypted. Only your body text will be saved, so the subject line, your images or attachments won't be logged. Hashtags will be auto-detected, so you can use them to categorize your log.

Please note! Only use this email address to mail yourself. Don't share it. All mails to this mail address will end up in your /log. You don't want others (like SPAM services) to know and use this email address.

📄 Docs