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Mindwave is a web app, only available via your web browsers. So we don't have an app in the common stores. But there are some easy options to create your own Mindwave app.

How to create a Mobile App

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Safari on your mobile phone, browse to Mindwave.app and Log In.
  2. Click on the 'share' icon in the footer and select 'Add to Home Screen'.
  3. Click 'add' (or change the name if needed) and you're done.

The Mobile app is great for your daily journaling.

How to create a Desktop App

We created a Mindwave Desktop app via Google Chrome PWA (Progressive Web Apps). So you need to have Google Chrome installed to create an app.

Got Chrome installed? Ok, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Chrome and browse to Mindwave.app. You'll notice a (+) at the end of your Chrome bar. First time visitors will even see the accompanied "Install" label.
  2. Click on the plus and confirm to 'Install' the app.
  3. Mindwave will open as a Chrome-app. Click on the app icon > options to save the app 'permanent in doc'.

The Mindwave Desptop App is great for focussed writing and your monthly reflections.

Do we expect a native App?

We are Mindwave.app but don't have an app in the App Store / Google Play Store? What's that about?!

Well, we chose (product maker) benefits over a native app experience. Creating web apps is easier, faster, cheaper, and better accessible. You don't need an app installed :)

Yes, native apps tend to have a better user experience. And we love to improve the overall user experience. But we're just getting started, and there is so much to improve anyway.

So, don't expect a native app soon. If ever.

📄 Docs